All Inclusive PEP cruises with Azamara

  • All Inclusive with gratuities and free drinks (except specific premium wines & spirits)
  • Small ships with a very personal service
  • Exclusive "AzAmazing Evening" event

Small ships with a country club ambience and personalised service for explorers

Azamara is positioned in the upper premium segment in terms of price and comfort level. With the ships Azamara Quest, Azamara Journey, Azamara Pursuit and the Azamara Onward, which has been operating for the cruise line since 2022, Azamara has four recently modernised cruise ships that are almost identical in construction, which impress with their manageable size for a passenger capacity of just 696 guests and their very well-kept condition. The ambience on board is reminiscent of an elegant country club. Vacation at Sea customers appreciate the all-inclusive offer, which also includes a selection of alcoholic drinks, soft drinks in the minibar and gratuities.

You can expect a very personalised cruise experience and particularly attentive service. The ships offer a spa area with sauna and private pool area, where yoga and Pilates classes are also offered.

Overall, however, Azamara focuses less on the ships than on the destinations and the intensive experience on land. The berthing times in the harbours are exceptionally long. The berths for the smaller ships are often more central than usual and a free shuttle bus is available in many ports. In addition, an Azamazing event, which often also takes place on land, delights Vacation at Sea guests on almost every trip.