Mediterranean Sea & Canary islands cruises

  • Many ways to reach a ship via car, bus or plane
  • Unbelieveable variation, from a small jet set spot to a metropolis
  • German-speaking and international ships in all categories

The Mediterranean Sea is Europe's most popular cruise destination. Ideal climate, many worthwhile locations, the relatively short time to reach it (for Europeans) and the great choice of offers from cruise vendors are the most important reasons for its popularity.

The sea is usually distinguished by the Western and the Eastern area, where Italy functions as a border inbetween. The western Mediterranean Sea with harbors in France, Spain, and Northern Africa among others, also offers the possibility of cruising towards the Atlantic. The eastern Mediterranean Sea offers a wide variety of attractive ports. This is especially true for classics such as Dubrovnik, Santorin and Venice, as well as less known, hidden ports near the eastern Adriadic coast or the Greek islands. Some cruise lines combine these destinations with the Black Sea or the Suez Canal passage.

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