Cruises to Central America & the Caribbean

  • Unequaled variety of different itineraries, ships and cruise concepts
  • Frequently discounted daily rates
  • Advantageous climatic conditions allow the optimal use of outside areas of ships

The Caribbean is the number one cruise destination in the world. For one it is located right next to the biggest source market for cruises - nowhere else live so many excited cruise ship passengers like in North America - but it also is an extremely attractive and diverse destination.

Even repeaters discover something new everytime they come back. Ports offer a variety, from glittering American shopping-worlds like Nassau or St. Thomas, to the isolated nature paradises like Dominica.

The Caribbean offers many private islands owned by cruise lines. Often Caribbean cruises are combined with a visit to the coasts of Central America or sometimes the Panama Canal.

Not only does the Caribbean offer a great portfolio, but the choice of ships is unparalleled - the competition is great and so are the available daily rates.

All cruises to the beautiful Caribbean: