Interline cruises in Northern Europe

  • Many departures from German ports
  • Baltic and Northern Sea often possible as combined cruise option
  • Beautiful cities featuring nordic charm in combination with fascinating European landscapes

Cruises in Northern European waters are real favourites among Vacation at Sea customers from Germany. Especially during the summer months, when the range of available cruises is very wide and you can easily reach the port of departure with your car.

The cruise routes of the Baltic Sea score with its visits of many fascinating metropolises and highlights of north-eastern Europe. In only a short time, you are able to travel to many of them, and even experience Saint Petersburg on official excursions without the need of a visa.

Cruises to the Norwegian Fjords and to the Norwegian Sea with course set on Iceland, Svalbard or Greenland give the cruise passenger the unique possibility of seeing the coastal regions from the water's perspective.

This way the usually quite high costs for ferries, accomodations and catering are avoided.

All cruises around Northern Europe: