Cruises along the Baltic Sea

  • Many departures from German ports
  • Baltic and Northern Sea often available as combined cruise
  • Cities with nordic charm and beautiful landscapes

Baltic Sea cruises are popular with Vacation at Sea customers, especially because of the charisma of each individual metropolis in the area.

Aside from famous highlights like Saint Petersburg, Tallin, Helsinki and Stockholm, smaller, more rarely visited cities like Visby on Gotland, Danzig or Sassnitz on Rügen have their own charms.

There is already a lot to discover with a ship in a single week - unimaginable with a round trip by car or plane.

Travel season usually begins in May and lasts till September.

The Northern European Baltic Sea waters are especially beloved by Vacation at Sea customers from Germany. Notably in the summer months there is a wide range of offers available, the trip to the port is short and can also be done with a car.

As a destination, the Baltic Sea scores with the opportunity to visit many cities and sights in the north-east of Europe in just a short time. Saint Petersburg can be explored on official excursions without a visa.

Cruising to the Norwegian Fjords and the North Sea with course set to Iceland, Svalbard or Greenland allow the cruise passenger to have the unique possibility of seeing the coast lines from the water side. 

The usually extremely high cost of ferries, accomodations and catering are avoided.