CroisiEurope interline rates

  • Affordable, good value for money river cruises with premium ships
  • Very good cuisine & full pension
  • Large choice of ships on European rivers (Also newly available in Asia)

Premium river cruise specialists

With a ever-increasing number of 48 ships (as of December 2017), the proud fleet of CroisiEurope made it become the largest river cruise line in Europe. Every year there is atleast one new ship being released and this success doesn't come from nowhere.

CroisiEurope is the leading cruise line in the European river tourism industry - the family business has earned its reputation through reliability, adaptability, a feeling for innovation, an excellent value-for-money ratio and highest client satisfaction.

Within the travel price included is a full pension plus catering. The only things that cost extra are certain few spirits (like cocktails at the bar).

In the restaurant section of the ship all passengers go for breakfast, lunch and supper at fixed times. Here you're served like in a typical restaurant (exception is the breakfast buffet) and you're served with free wine.

Since 2015, free Wi-Fi is available on all ship. Wi-Fi is available at the reception and salon area, on some ships also in the cabins.

Seit 2015 ist auch kostenloses Internet auf allen Schiffen inklusive. Sie erhalten kostenloses Wi-Fi in der Nähe der Rezeption und im Salon; auf manchen Schiffen auch auf den Kabinen.