Crossings - best interline fares for real cruiseship lovers

  • Great value for money
  • Digital Detox desired? Trans cruises are a good chance for leaving the online world for some time.
  • Follow the trails of emigrants around Lady Liberty in New York

No other itineraries polarize our customers more than the so-called trans cruises. One side considers the routes over the Atlantic and the Pacific as the best possibility to discover the ship in a relaxed way and without distraction, while the other side fears them for the possible lack of variety during the days at sea.

And truly, these transfer journeys do not offer many, if any, stops or land visits. Instead you get the chance to discover the ship and make full use of it's equiment. Many times the daily rates are considerably lower than cruises in regular regions.

The vendor Cunard has gone all the way to make Transatlantic cruises an attractive way of travelling - here a transatlantic cruise is not a necessary evil, but the main attraction - on the historic emigration routes from Hamburg or Southampton to New York.

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