Nicko Cruises interline rates

  • Three product lines - river, yachting at Dalmatian coasts and classic ocean cruises - all at particularly attractive Vacation at Sea special rates
  • Wide selection of destinations on the rivers of Europe and beyond
  • F&F cabin bookable on many cruises at no extra charge

PEPs for river, coasts & sea - on the ships of nicko cruises

The Stuttgart-based company nicko cruises has been active on the rivers of Europe for many years. In addition to river cruises on the popular rivers Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Seine and on the Elbe, the program also includes more "exotic" destinations such as cruises in Portugal, on the Nile, in Asia and, most recently, the Mississippi.

The nicko cruises fleet, which is divided into "nicko boutique", "nicko modern" and "nicko classic", is similarly diverse as the destinations. Guests experience the latest developments in river cruising in particular on the new NickoSpirit and NickoVision.

Since 2021, nicko has also been active on the ocean market with the classic Vasco da Gama. With only 40 passengers on board, the motor yacht Princess also cruises along Dalmatia's coasts.
Vacation at Sea customers benefit from high discounts on catalog prices and receive an additional 10% discount on pre-booked excursion packages as well as, in some cases, an additional discount on the journey (high seas).