Multifaceted cruises in Asia

  • Wide range of river cruise offers, each as component or complete journey
  • Year-round good means of travel
  • Experience exotic destinations in a comfortable and safe way

Nowhere else does the demand for cruises grow bigger than in Asia. Vacation at Sea customers have to be able to differenciate between cruises that are geared towards the Asian or international crowd. Often the short tours are for the Chinese source market and are usually only marketed there. Booking possibilities for Europeans are very limited and only  recommendable to a limited extent.

The international product range is versatile and offers many opportunities. The shimmering metropolises like Hong Kong, Singapore & Shanghai attract many visitors, but the dream beaches of Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia are also lovely places to see.

Especially popular with our customers are river cruises on the mystical currents of Asia, like the Mekong, the Yangtse or the Irrawaddy.

All cruises for Asia: