Yachting with Variety Cruises

  • Private yacht experience with a total of 72 passengers
  • Very long leisure time
  • Yacht deck barbecues and private events

Last update: 22 July 2021

Notice: Only one cabin per eligible guest bookable

Travel Agents (workers and owners)

  • Travel agencies
  • Online travel agencies
  • Tourism call and service centers
  • Mobile travel consultants
  • Tour operators
  • Mice tourops and agencies


  • Airline employees
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Airport employees
  • Parents of Airliner
  • Spouses of Airliner

Tourism industry (employees)

  • Travel insurance
  • Tourist offices
  • Tourist associations
  • Incoming agencies
  • Touristic internet portals
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  • Holiday rental car companies
  • Tour bus companies
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  • Shipping companies
  • Ferry operators
  • Theme parks
  • Musical companies
  • Hotels


  • Professors and lecturers of touristic study courses
  • Students of touristic courses
  • Independent tour guides
  • Travel journalists with press card

Variety Cruises is one of the leading mega yacht cruise lines around the world and leads a fleet of over 11 vessels.

The Yachts usually have around 5 to 36 cabins and the largest ships carry only 72 passengers at max.

Destinations range from the Seychelles to Costa Rice and many more.