Cruises to South America

  • Atlantic or Pacific coast, or even both?
  • Microcosmos Galápagos Islands
  • Relatively low amount of cruises, timely planning highly recommended

South America is rarely a premiere destination for cruise ship passengers from Europe, because most of them are discouraged by the long travel distance. However, many experienced cruise guests value the beautiful Pacific-side landscapes of South America, especially the Fjord-like areas of South Chile.

The Atlantic side of the continent offers several cruises - often with departure ports in Argentinia or Brazil.

Highlights includes the major cities of Buenos Aires and Rio, but also the Amazon River or the coast of Patagonia.

The circumnavigation of Cape Horn is also awaiting you. This chilling, myth-surrounded place is the emotional highpoint of the one way itineraries circling South America.

All cruises along the coast of South America: