River cruises in Russia

  • Extensive opportunity to learn more about Moscow and Saint Petersburg
  • Land excursion often inclusive
  • High seas-feeling on the great Russian lakes

Especially the river route from Moscow to Saint Petersburg is an absolute classic. These tours on the Volga and Neva rivers or the impressive lakes like the Odega or Ladoga take up to 10 or 11 days and show the passengers, aside from both Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the landscapes of rural Russia and sights like the museum island Kischi.

The ships are almost exclusively modernized units of the so-called "Boizenburger", which were built between 1974 and 1983 in the GDR. While some units have been luxuriously rebuilt, others still show their Soviet-era charm here and there. A good sauna is also included on board.

Very rarely are routes available with a course set towards Rostov, Kazan, aswell as Dnepr or the Jenissel in Siberia.