Barone Tours interline rates

  • Small yachts & catamarans
  • Exotic & divine routes
  • Excellent service & full pension

Yachts & houseboats

For over 35 years Barone Tours has been mediating yacht & houseboat charters almost everywhere in the world. Their very own yachts and catamarans can be found in the Mediterranean, for example in Italy, Turkey, on Malta and also on the Seychelles and the Caribbean. They are perfect for leisure skippers.

Vacation at Sea customers don't have to control the craft themselves, instead they are having a sailing vacation with a captain and his small crew of around three or four people. Authentic and inexpensive you'll experience, depending on the season, exotic and heavenly itineraries. During the summer there are also additional routes in the Mediterranean on offer.

The cruises are organized in such a way that there is always more than enough time for activities outside of sailing, like land excursions. Therefor sailing is never takes too long is always done under the best circumstances. The relaxing atmosphere, the comfort of the ships and the gorgeous islands grant an unforgetable sailing cruise.