Hansa Touristik interline rates

  • No mass tourism
  • Special routes
  • Classic cruises with focus on land excursions

Sea! More sea! Classic cruises

For more than 50 years the cruise line Hansa Touristik offers classic cruises far away from mass tourism and stands for tradition and appreciation, as well as guests that treasure this choice of products.

Here special routes and land excursions are of more importance than the stay on the ship. Vacation at Sea customers await journeys with fewer passengers and none of the tourism fuss.

The MS Ocean Majesty is a small and fine ship. Comfortable and with flair, it is a international ship. However, expect to see a lot of German customers. Hospitality, individualism and privacy have a high priority.

With this small ship it's possible to reach destinations that no other larger ship can reach, like the canal of Corinth or the skerries of the northern lands.